The project

Short presentation of the safe spaces culture project

The Syndicat Suisse Romand du Spectacle has launched a pilot project of a resource unit open to all employees and freelancers in the cultural sector in French-speaking Switzerland. In order to perpetuate this action and to allow professional and employer’s associations and interested people to contribute to its development, an association was created: safe spaces culture. 

safe spaces culture aims to develop means of action for harassment-, mobbing- and discrimination-free workplaces and educational institutions in the cultural sector.

In the long term, it should also offer a service of Person of Trust to interested employer’s associations. This would allow all cultural professionals to have access to external support in case of harassment, mobbing, …

What does the unit offer?

The mandate has been entrusted to the Clinique du Travail and aims to « offer neutral and benevolent external support in case of suffering or difficulty in the workplace (psychological or sexual harassment, pressure, etc.) ». Confidentiality is guaranteed. It is not a matter of passive listening but of offering concrete support by proposing preventive measures and indicating the means of action.

This service is complementary to the devices of Person of Trust that some employers in the culture currently have. It is therefore available when freelancers or employees do not have access to a Person of Trust.

How do I reach the unit?

As of November 1st, the resource unit can be reached free of charge and anonymously. The contact information is here and on the SSRS website.

A survey for professionals

In collaboration with various associations in French-speaking Switzerland and Arts_sainement, the SSRS is currently finalizing a survey aimed at cultural professionals in French-speaking Switzerland, which aims to assess the extent of harassment, mobbing and discrimination.

This survey should be launched by the end of 2021.

These two projects are part of a larger project that we would like to carry out in collaboration with the other professional associations in French-speaking Switzerland for Equality and Diversity in the cultural sector.